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Quality Cabinet Doors

for New Construction and Home Makeovers

From the Heartland

We are Nick and Sam Raile, and we are so glad you’re here. Our production facility is located in the heart of America in Central Kansas. After several years in the construction industry, we started noticing a need for quality cabinets to fit the average person’s budget. So we ventured out to make that happen. We saw a huge need for paint-grade cabinet doors and found a niche market that has grown consistently ever since.Our commitment to quality is still evident in our work. From the machinery we use down to sanding and packaging, we take pride in every door. We love getting to help contractors quickly and giving the D.I.Y. homeowners a way to improve their home from right where we live in Wilson, Kansas.Nick handles the production, finishing, equipment maintenance, and purchasing while Sam takes care of our sales, customer service, bookkeeping, and shipping logistics. At our shop, you’ll see how this is a true family business with any of our four children running around waiting to lend a helping hand.

What We Do

We offer both finished and unfinished cabinet doors. Our doors are made from the highest-quality paint-grade MDF and custom-crafted to meet your specifications. Our finished doors are colored using a durable tinted conversion varnish, available in any Sherwin Williams color.

Finished Cabinet Doors

For customers who don’t have the means to paint the doors themselves, we also offer pre-finished cabinet doors. These doors, with the same six design options as the unfinished doors, are professionally coated with a smooth and durable conversion varnish finish, available in any Sherwin Williams color. Unlike traditional paint, conversion varnish is much more cleanable and dries to a much harder finish. This option costs more than unfinished doors but can be a huge time saver for the D.I.Y. homeowner.

Unfinished Cabinet Doors

Using only the highest quality paint-grade MDF, we custom craft each cabinet door order using a state-of-the-art CNC machine. Each door is then hand-sanded to an even smoother finish before it is packaged and shipped to your door. These cabinet doors are great for contractors or homeowners who want to paint their own doors on-site to match existing cabinet boxes. These doors are available in six different styles and can be created to virtually any size you might be needing.

Online Ordering Process

Ordering your cabinet doors online from Raile Cabinetry is a quick and easy process! Our online order form is simple and intuitive, and we pride ourselves on prompt communication and fast turnaround times. See a breakdown of how our ordering process works below!



Once payment is received, we’ll work diligently to get your order produced and shipped as quickly as possible. Typical turnaround time for unfinished cabinet doors is ten business days or less. Finished doors require two additional weeks.


Review Specs

After we receive your order, our sales team will review the specifications to make sure we have all the details we need. Oftentimes, we catch minor errors or omissions, so we do our part to help you avoid frustrations or future delays.


Pay Invoice

Once the order has been reviewed and approved, we’ll send you an invoice for the order total plus tax and shipping based on your location. Payment of this invoice will officially put your order into production.


Complete Form

We have a convenient, easy-to-use online order form that will walk you through the entire process of selecting and ordering all the custom cabinet doors you need for your new construction or home improvement project.  

Contact Us

If you’re not sure where to start, or have any questions we can help you with that, feel free to reach out and our friendly team will get you all fixed up. We typically respond to messages within an hour or less.

Thanks for submitting!

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